Hello - I'm John and I take photos...

Thank you for coming along to my website, if you've come this far you've probably seen my photos somewhere, on my social media or stumbled across me from google and want a bit more information on who I am and what I'm about.

Well firstly, Hello! I'm John, 39, dad of two girls and partner to Emily and I live in the rolling hills of West Yorkshire - Reet near Leeds infact!

I've been a full time wedding and portrait photographer & cinematographer for almost 5 years and not a day has gone by where I haven't been enthralled by it all.

I absolutely live for it. In every way possible. It is a pure passion doing what I do and I want to bring your most special day and moments to life through film & photo...

I do however have a very selective style! It's one I'm really proud of - It's bold, dark, moody, faded and tonal with lots of texture. This has always been my style and it hasn't changed in the whole time I have been taking photos!

I'm here to discuss your big day, your next photoshoot or video... Take time to browse my photos to see if I fit the style you like.

Together - Lets bring your special day to life.