Wedding Keepsakes

Beautiful memories to keep forever

  • Something Physical you can touch. Let's face it – digital files are easily forgotten. ...
  • A great way to show family and friends. ...
  • A Beautiful story. ...
  • Something to treasure. ...
  • Beautiful Journey Back in Time. ...
  • Gifts and Memories for Parents and friends.

Bespoke Wedding Albums

From £275

These beautiful wedding albums are hand crafted to the very highest of standards... Printed on exceptionally high quality paper. Choose a colour that suits you.

Wedding albums are 25x25cm or 30X30cm with 20 pages

Having your memories in a keep sake album is the perfect way to showcase your beautiful photos after your big day to look at for years to come.

I only use the highest quality printing firms , wedding albums are not just prints but something that hold sentimental value and they deserve the highest quality production to ensure they last.


ALBUM ONLY - The Exclusive Range

25X25cm - 20 pages - £275

30x30cm - 20 pages - £325

Choose around 60-70 photos to be wonderfully presented.

Extra pages can be added for £12.50 per spread (over 2 pages) (MAX 40 SPREADS)

These make amazing gifts for parents & family and even for yourself.

The Complete Set

Album - Box & USB

25cm X 25cm – 20 Pages + 16GB USB + Box. £375

30cm x 20cm – 20 Pages + 16GB USB + Box £400

Please note: extra spreads can be added

(max 40 spreads)

charged at £12.50 per spread.

(Spreads are over 2 pages)

Mini Accordion Book

8-10 pages of your wedding photos in a fan styled magnetic close book.



The Ideal Keepsake..

These extra special little books can be custom designed in the finish of your choice.

Laser etched up to 10 photos of your special day,

Ideal For Family..

These little books make superb little gifts for family & friends. You can customise photos of your choice to add to your book and customise the look for the recipient.

High Quality..

These little albums are designed and printed by the same company I use for big wedding albums - Rest assured, these are built to last.

Your album also comes in a high quality box to keep it safe

Design Your Own..

With multiple finishes for the front and rear cover in different colours you can really make them your own.

You can also arrange the photos in your album to however you like.



The parent package is perfect if you are wanting to get more albums for parents as gifts and they deliver more value.

All 3 albums are required to be of the same design to take advantage of this package.

3 x copies of a 30cm X 30cm album – 20 pages – £475


1 x Copy of 25×25 – 2 copies of 20×20 – £425

Please note – this package comes only as an album only – the box and USB is to be added on as an extra per album if you require it.

I would advise you at least get your own album boxed 


Box per album – £40

USB per album – £40


– All albums come engraved with any text you would like on the front

– Albums are designed for you and you will receive a proof of design before print

– Delivery time is 2-4 weeks due to the nature and customisation of the albums

How do i select my photos?

Once you want to go ahead with an album you will be sent an album selection tool on your gallery to select the photos you would like designing in to your album

Can i alter the design of the layout if i don’t like it?

Of course, I will design what I think works best initially and from there you can alter and request changes to the design of the layout. 

What is the box?

The box is just a box for the album to go in to keep it safer for longer, with in the box is a slot for a USB Drive too. This just helps preserve your album for longer from damage and being dropped or from getting dirty and dusty over time.

What sort of images should i include?

It’s entirely your choice, typically i suggest choosing just a broad selection of images from the whole day but try avoid duplicates (i.e a black and white and a colour version of the same photo) – But realistically its your album and you can pick what ever images you want. 

If you have specific favorite photos that you want made larger in your album just let me know – you can have one image cover an entire page if you wish. 

How many photos can an album hold

A standard album comes with 20 pages – each page can hold around 3-6 images depending on the design and layout.

A 20 page album can hold roughly 100 images

If you want to add more pages in to the album this can be done at £12.50 per spread (Over 2 pages) . (Max 40 pages)

What is the quality of the album like?

These albums are designed to last, with individually sowed pages and a thick “card like” paper per spread they are of the highest quality for your precious memories.

How long is delivery?

2-4 weeks 

Can i get my own printed cheaper?

Of course – there are 2 types of albums out on the market. Photo books and wedding albums. Photo books tend to be more of a “textbook” style with a hard back cover and thinner pages. These can be designed on sites like vista print. You are free to download your images and print/make these your self if you wish however the quality of the photo book albums and thickness of the pages is not on the same level and these more prone to be tears and damage.

Wedding albums are more high end quality designed to last. It’s important not to confuse the 2 as they are entirely different products.